The Awards of Jingle do Twinkle.

My blog has started to twinkle

thanks to the awards of jingle.

she is a true friend , so rare

a talented poet beyond compare

she  likes  to share

and her time to spare

to make poetry  shine

and our blogs  glare.

Thanks Jingle for these lovely awards, you’re really an exceptional friend.


26 Responses

  1. Hey, Happy belated birthday!

    Tim Keeton

  2. Yes, Jingle makes us all twinkle extra-bigtime. But you sir, shine all on your own with enthusiam, love and grace!


    BEAUTIFUL singing in the background here too!

  3. happy belated birthday

  4. Happy belated birthday! The poem is cute and sweet. 🙂

  5. heya!!


  6. happy birthday fren and hope to hear from you again soon!

  7. happy belated!

  8. happy birthday wand. have a great year

  9. happy belated b-day, I love your jingle tribute post she is great .

  10. hey… belated happy birthday.. hope you had a great birthday 🙂 wish you the best of all.. 😀 cheers…

  11. Wow that was so sweet!!

    Happy belated birthday wordwand!! =]
    May you get the best life has to offer!

  12. Happy Belated Birthday my friend….may the sun shine for you always ~ Hugs x

  13. Wordwand:

    Love your tribute to Jingle and the awards you received were well deserved, you have the heart of a true poet, love reading all you have to say.

    Wishing you to be well soon – take time for yourself and keep on enjoying your birthday.


  14. happy belaterd bday, 😉

    and hope ya get better soon !!

    came over from jingle’s

  15. dear rahim,
    what a wonderful way of thanking a wonderful person.
    you both are awesome.
    with lots of affection,

  16. “Happy Thursday” and “Congratulations”!!!! Rahim and have a beautiful fun filled day 😀

  17. Lovely tribute to Jingle. You both rock!

  18. twinkle, twinkle, little star,
    how I wonder where you are.
    high above you are so high,
    like a diamond in the sky…

    you are a star,
    keeping shining!
    Happy Thursday!

  19. beautiful poem
    from a beautiful soul,

    you are the one who makes it fun!
    well done!

  20. very nice and so well deserved!

  21. Congratulations and well deserved. Happy Thursday!

  22. wow,
    you make me smile, Wordwand!
    love the poem you write about me,
    Jingle is not perfect,
    but feel encouraged and empowered by someone like YOU!

    absolutely beautiful poem,
    your gift matches the awards perfectly!

  23. my friend u deserve all of these, Jingle has been my friend for a long time and now u are also becoming the same, u deserve these a fantastic writer and blogger 🙂

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