The ShoeShine Boy

I’m proud and delighted to receive the perfect poet award for the third time. I’d like to thank jingle for this award and for the efforts she has been investing in the organisation of the thursday poets’ rally :

He was  a tiny smelly  boy

kicked out of second grade

To  become  a shoeshiner by trade.

He never had  a ball or a toy

he never played  or felt joy .

His childhood was betrayed

his innocence slowly decayed.

After he left school

The  brush became his tool.

Usually seated on a low stool

His hands covered with bruise

Deftly Polished people’s shoes

Brushing, buffing

Puffing for very few dimes

Not enough to survive the hard times.

Some customers  were so cruel

Seeing his mouth in drool

Used to  call  him “the fool”

But he managed to keep his cool.

All his  life  he had  to endure

A  heart disease without cure .

The   prospect  looms  obscure

So, Death was his lot for sure.


I nominate Trisha for the award; she is so  talented.

26 Responses

  1. Very sad ,an intense and crazy world! ………………Thank you for your poetry,writing,and all.
    Peace to you,

  2. This poem really spoke to me. I remember when I was still a kid i saw a short film about a boy who was teased without mercy every day, his home life was a mess, beaten, taunted, abused. And one day as he deboarded the schoolbus, he dropped over dead. I really do believe that there comes a time when your heart is so broken in the allegorical sense it breaks also in the literal sense. And this poem make me think about that film. Very powerful especially that there is no redemption in the end.

  3. hi missar,

    this poem is sad and offered no redemption in the end. but this poem made me think deeper and i should always value people wherever they came. i may be more blessed but it does not give me any privilege to look down on people. instead, i am prompted to see goodness in people that i meet everyday.

    thanks for this poem. a jewel in the heart.

    well wishes for you.

  4. So sad. It says a lot about how cruel the world can be.

  5. the poor kid.
    whats even worse is people all over the world actually live like this

  6. Really inspired to see how u are using this talent to raise issues like this

  7. a little sad and heavy… but beautifully written… 🙂

  8. Such a sad poem, but beautifully handled.

  9. What a sad story. II like the way you told it in a poem. It is sad that people treat others with such disrespect because they thhink they are better because of their own occupations. Inside, we all feel the same feelings and strive for the same goals.

  10. in ode to a trade people take for granted- nice job!

  11. Hello… Check out my latest poem “MY LITTLE DOG”

  12. hope that you enjoy a beautiful day,
    thank you for accepting the award,
    you are perfect in many ways…


  13. you painted that very vividly…a tale i see far too often in these sad times we live in

  14. This is sad. Souls like that have a lovely way of resting in peace…Great Post Wordwand.

  15. dear friend,

    it almost brought tears to my eyes, my heart cries bitterly when i see children toiling. its so cruel and heartless a scene to be witnessed.

    thanks for this divine poem. it brought back some old memories. some angels in rags.

    thanks a lot for this marvellous honour. you are an angel.

    with warmest affection,

  16. I have decided and created something new for all my awards from you all, as I do really appreciate all your kinship.
    Want to take a look?
    My blessings of Kinship
    Tell me what you think?

  17. “A heart disease without cure” – Superb. 🙂

  18. Ur blog title itself is so impressive!
    What is left unsaid holds so much care that one lets go off the need to share…

  19. That was wonderful!

  20. wordwand, you are so very perfect for everything…
    hurray for your award acceptance post,
    cheers for your excellent job in nominating friends and more…


  21. this was superb, great little story, u are really good sir at these, thanks for sharing 🙂

  22. What a lovely poem, Rahim! Well done!
    an honest tale written with such compassion.
    CONGRATULATIONS on the awards!
    Trisha and you are awesome poets!

  23. tight poem. people can be so cruel sometimes without ever taking the time to really understand. i feel for that shoe shine boy…

  24. congratulations on the awards 🙂
    loved the poem… poverty is what that crushes their innocent childhood…

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