Love and Peace

The poem below is my contribution to jingle’s thursday poets’ rally:jingle

To kill  innocents

in the name of   religion

is hideous


To kill  innocents

in the name of   race

is  odious



To kill innocents

in pursuit of  power

is an abomination



To kill innocents

For gas and  oil

is an execration



Enough of violence

Enough of bloodshed

Let’s break the silence

And work for peace instead.




Let’s be humane

And cease  war hostilitiy

Let’s be human

And  end  wild  animosity

Let’s  relieve pain

And save all  humanity



35 Responses

  1. this is great ! .. Peace is the need of the hour.

  2. Lovely poem – wonderful sentiments!

  3. I am all about peace and love and i liked your poem a lot because if more people thought like this the world will be a better place to live.

  4. nice poem! Its right making peace.. end disasters 😀

  5. Wonderful words! Well said!

  6. lovely,,,u r a gr8 po8 man!!!!

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  7. We have to be humane for the world to be a better place,,,,,very inspiring….

    Check out ma blog for sensational and soul-touching poems…..

  8. Count me in – time to change the world.

  9. The most beautiful message in the form of a wonderful poetry, with such a precise framing of words. who else could have done this other than you wordwand….
    I loved reading it once, twice, thrice…. and i dont know how many times more i m going to read it !
    🙂 🙂

  10. The stark placement of the words on the page, the clear truth of the words– it all evokes something ancient and true. Nicely done!

  11. not much more i can add to that!!! Well said. What i dont understand is as a guess 9/10’s of the world would probably agree with you so why dont we unite & stand up to this?

  12. beautiful verses..
    powerful lines..
    awesome opening.. superb ending 🙂
    hats OFF buddy 🙂
    you ROck..!!!

    you can check my poem at:

  13. i feel like i am being taken to a time when i was not born yet, the 60s…. 🙂

  14. powerful words,
    beautifully done Haiku!
    thank you for sharing your wisdom!

  15. Too much violence in the owrld and too mandy excuses. May we all live with love and peace. A beautiful message and beautifully constructed. Love the peagne as well!

  16. Very well done, Rahim!
    One of my favorite yet!

  17. this poem really states what our world has been. i wish we could just go back to the old days of love and peace. great poem! i like it 🙂

  18. This is fantastic Wordwand….Nice play of words and very educational. Peace is all we need at the end of the day…cheers!

  19. amen. count me in…its a love revolution…

  20. Great words, and I think 99% of the world would agree with you – and then there’s politics, religious fanaticism and Big Biz.

  21. I am sure the whole world will agree with this friend, cool post, peaceful post.

  22. I agree with you! In a history class I had we were studying the idea of propaganda and the meaning of freedom across several generations. After reading your poem, I believe freedom will occur when humanity can finally be at peace with itself and its brothers and sisters. And truly help each other in times of crisis!

  23. Nice simple but powerfully written. Loving your layout here too. I popped over from Jongles blog I hope you don’t mind!

  24. Great poem wordwand., thanks for the visit to my blog 🙂

    Marinela x

  25. Great poem, wordwand. Powerful message that needs to be expressed, which you did so well. Thanks

  26. Heyyyyy Rahim,what a wonderful poem,if only we would what a wonderful world this would be!!! Thank you for the “Birthday” comment!!! Lovely.
    Have a good day Rahim 😀 😀

  27. This is a masterpiece. You reflected my heart’s yearnings. Thanks.

    Let there be peace and love in every corner of this beautiful earth.

    Please check your spam folder for a comment I will post after this one. Containing urls of some prizes I will love to share with you.

    With warmest wishes,

  28. I agree with your poem 100% but it always comes down to “how?”…everybody seems to think it’s out of their hands to do so…being just 1 person – that’s the challenge.

  29. Amazing!

  30. What an amazing poem. The concept in this poem is so true. I love it

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