A couple of Haikus

The following  couple of poems aren’t typical haikus  because they don’t include a kigo ( a seasonal reference) and they don’t abide by the well-known haiku pattern (     three lines of 5, 7 and 5 syllables ) but I hope they are imagistic enough and capture the moments I want  to share with you .

A salmon swims down a  river

leaps out of a waterfall

a grizzly bear  snatches  it .


A squirrel  scampers   out of a hole

Into a large thick  turf

                                                             A golden  egale grabs  the squirrel up. 


12 Responses

  1. I like these haiku’s! I have not yet tried my hand at them. I just heard a phenomenal one from my friend… I can’t remember the exact text. It goes through the gruesome adjectives… claws, pasty grin and flashes of red. Then it ends with “I hate clowns”! I cracked up.

  2. Love your Haiku’s …they are impressive …something about them leaves a mark on my soul…maybe because they are short and I can take it in quickly…..Thank You..!

  3. Yes very good,I don’t understand many haikus,but these I do and they are good! Have a good day Rahim
    Luv ya 😀

  4. Hi wordwand,

    that was a nice mix of images n words..keep it going..

    wld also like to invite u to my page



  5. nominate up to 15 poets,
    no more than 15,
    that’s what I mean,
    thank you for the participation!

  6. Lovely natural haiku! Very enjoyable thank you for sharing with us.

  7. beautiful Haiku,
    Happy Tuesday!

  8. great images and actions of nature

  9. Well one might interpret these haihu as a sign that it might be a bad day to travel. 🙂 Truly enjoyed these!

  10. What a nice contrast,
    The earth and the air – hunting,
    Wonderful writing.

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