My Legacy of suffering

I knew

Your pain was  unbearable

I knew

Your   situation was  insufferable

I knew

You were  seeking relief

From an excruciating grief

I knew

Your  suffering was  hard to sustain

With   heavy family and  job strain

I knew

You tried very hard to cope

But you abandoned all hope.

But I didn’t know

That you would cut your vein

And chose death

To end your pain.

Now , I’m on the brink of lunacy

And your suffering becomes my legacy.


28 Responses

  1. it’s beautiful. i can very much relate to it.

  2. Amazing, powerful words. I loved it.

  3. Amazing. Simply amazing. Nice job!

  4. Very powerful poem. Although it is very sad, it rings out with great honesty. Well written!

  5. Very powerful!

  6. Very powerfull!

  7. Excellent poem to start with! I love it 🙂

  8. Very powerful words – a beautiful remembrance. Thank you.

  9. how sad- but the piece is something entirely different- its wonderfully written.

  10. Masterfully written. Very sad, very powerful; this is something that happens too often and is never easier for those left behind. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Oh, how horrbily sad and touching. We never truly know the burden carried by other no matter how well we think we know them.

  12. Oh My..
    that was a very touching and heart wrenching poem dear.. 😦
    almost brought tears to my eyes 😥

    loved the ending lines
    very powerful.. very very impacting..
    keep em coming..!!
    Rock On buddy 😀

  13. Your site is constructed as beautifully as your poetry. You have a powerful command of words and use them wisely and with pinpoint precision. I hope to accomplish that level of skill one day. Thank you for stopping by my site and commenting, without, I may have never discovered yours.

  14. especially liked the last line. quite powerful.

  15. Yes depression is bad,but I hope it’s not going on for you Rahim. It’s a sad poem,but it happens everyday.I really enjoyed your poem,the truth of the matter is loud and clear.
    Love you 😀

  16. very well written ty for sharing 🙂

  17. Hey thanks for the comment/compliment! Very cool to find a blogger who also writes poems. Very well written!

  18. Such grief I have never known. I like the “I knew” repetition. Thanks

  19. nice one buddy… what feelings!!! worth reading it….


  20. Very strong poem, I think we’ve all dealt with depression either from ourselves or others around us, great poem.

  21. That brought tears to my eyes.. lots of them..

  22. you have done an outstanding job!
    Happy Sunday!

  23. Depression is such a dangerous disease. I hope you are feeling better, WW… Will always wish you well in whatever you do.. stay in focus ,count your blessings.. You are NEVER ALONE! hugs,shakira

  24. life is sometimes too fast, it bulldozes us before we can blink and leaves us with the the shattered remains and regrets.

  25. This is an excellent post. Suicide extends grief and depression to those around the victim….Well written.

  26. Few comprend the true pain of another…we can only guess what it is…for some the pain of living is too great….strong poem!

  27. your real power may not lie in your words, but it definitely lies in the way you make your readers feel the power of emotion in every poems you’d made…

  28. death is in it,
    how sad!

    thank you for the lovely music!

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