For Women

A man without a woman

Is like fish with no  water

A woman is   loving

Her heart is tender

A woman is giving

Her beauty is  a  splendor

A woman is inspring

Her mind is a  wonder.

A woman has an inner  strength

To overcome plights

A woman has a rare  courage

To conquer fright

A woman has a deep faith

To shun hate and spite

My love to her is timeless

It’ll stand forever

My life without her is aimless.

Her support  is a precious treasure.


19 Responses

  1. This is a very beautiful poem,my dear friend!!
    Your words thouched my heart!!!
    I like a lot how you described the woman! 🙂

    Enjoy the moment!!!

  2. very eloquent and elegant =)

  3. O this is just beautiful, you have taken a female and shown her well on your arm, a rare gentlman indeed

  4. i dont even want to think about where i would be without my woman…

  5. that is amazing! it flows as gracefully as a woman does.

  6. thanks for visiting my blog (: its good to celebrate important occassions with poems as you have done here.

  7. We women do kinda rock, don’t we??

    I love the part about shunning hate and spite. What a great world if everyone did that!!


  8. “Oh how sweet of you! To “Honor” your wife this way is wonderful!!! I really love your poem Adberrahim,and thank you so much for my “Award” have a lovely day. 😀

  9. here’s a thank you award for being the regular reader that you have been since we’ve met on the Rally.. thank you soo much dear

  10. awwww….that was such a sweeet poem Abder…
    really touching… and coming from a Man.. it makes a lot more sense and adds to the day…
    like a cherry topping..
    thank you dear.. 🙂

  11. this is simply wonderful.

  12. WOW… you put WOMEN in the highest category and as one, I do you too.
    You are such a wonderful person!


  13. What a beautiful poem, thank you on behalf of all women who won’t be able to read this beauty.

  14. love it!! love it very much!!
    thanks alot!!

  15. I wish all the women in the world can read this…Permit me to share with quite a few.

  16. Beautiful words! (Wish I had all the qualities that your woman has – your poem sure inspires to try to reach towards that goal.) Thank you so much also for reminding me that it’s Woman’s Day today. I’m so bad with remembering holidays & dates – now I can surprise some of my far-away friends with email greetings later.

  17. A very uplifting poem about women…enjoyed reading it.

  18. You have such elegant heart for women,
    I love reading your Happy Women’s Day poem!

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