Cinquains: Predators and Preys


Optimistic, unrealistic

Prying, lying, rallying

Packs of hungry wolves




Meek, weak

Following , Complying , contributing

A herd of sheep



9 Responses

  1. fantasitc political poem. punchy and straight edged. really enjoyed this one

  2. You are SO AWESOME!

    I love that you dare to try and you are so GOOD.
    Addictive right?

    Dear, want to join me in SENSATIONAL HAIKU WEDNESDAY?

    I just would like to invite you but you do not have to if you do not want to
    or may be too busy.


  3. great!

    One thing though, I think the plural of ‘prey’ is ‘prey’. 🙂 Otherwise, great poem. Sadly, this seems to be what government is about today. I really wish we could do something to change this.

  4. Nice one my good friend..I shared my “It rained award” with you…You can visit my blog when you’re free to check it out…cheers.

  5. great words – strong poem. I like it 🙂

  6. Dear WW,

    This one is awesome and to the point. Fantastic is an understatement.

    A little gift for you is waiting for you in my blog. To thank you for honouring me with your friendship and presence.

  7. how clever you are,
    love your new work!

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