Cheating In Exams

Cheating in exams has become so widespread that a high proportion of teachers ( including myself) have started to reflect on their teaching practice with a view to spotting pitfalls and weaknesses.Along the same vein ,they have come to question the educational system as a whole with its myriad components ( human resources , curriculum, test validity…)

It’s a moral issue as well  since it relates to what is known as academic dishonesty.In fact , I think that cheating in exams shares in the general demise of several lofty values that we cherished before but have forsaken now.

Cheating ways have evolved through time . Students have develpped sophistacted tricks ranging from desk notes, calculators to using cell phones messages. And with the advent of the internet , it’s become hard to envisage the magnitude that these tricks could take in the near future. Students put forward several reasons to justify their recourse to cheating .chief among them , Being afraid of failure and getting low grades.In addition to this , they say that they feel overworked ( crammed curriculum) with little time to spare for revision and preparation along with the tests’ level of difficulty that they judge as too challenging.

For some students who bet on cheating in exams, their plans might backfire and they get caught .Yet, the fact that they get penalized doesn’t seem to daunt other students from resorting to cheating in exams.Most of them take risks and think they may cheat and escape unscathed .hence , a holistic approach has to be adopted to curb the onslaught of this phenomenon.This approach has to encompass all the parameters that come into play in the educational setting in terms of tests’ formats and level of difficulty ,curriculum scope, parents and teachers’ role …….


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  1. i m agree with you.cheatting is not good but it depend on an educational many asian countries most orgenization like your degrees not your knowledege!!!!!!

  2. it’s a good subject it worth discussing Thx alot

  3. The real pain will be felt later in life when they discover that they have truly cheated themselves. I see these people in interviews all of the time.

  4. My good friend Anderrahim, I am pleased to share this award with you. Please check it out on my blog.

  5. I have a lot of friends who work in the educational system and they are just floored by the number of people who cheat and don’t have a problem with it. One of my professor friends said the only way to really stop it is is to try and think like those students, to figure out why they would do something like that because obviously the teachers aren’t the type of people who would do it, so them trying to say hey it is wrong really doesn’t work.

    Either way it is just sad!

  6. Interesting.
    The most amusing example of cheating I came across was that reported by a friend who taught at Cambridge; a Masters student had actually submitted as his own essay an article my friend had had published in a journal…to my friend who was his tutor. It had never occurred to the student to check the name of the author of the article he nicked almost wholesale.
    To quote from The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe…”What DO they teach them in these schools?”

  7. Public education systems in most societies have little or no interest in developing individual potential. The student must fit into some preconceived category. When you treat young people, who are not only struggling with society’s ever increasing demands but also with the vagaries of their own natural development, as “bricks in the wall” then there is bound to be conflict.

  8. I so very much agree with you. If too many students cheat then that is the time for introspection.

    I agree with all the excuses offered but they are just excuses for cheating. Actually they get scared by the fair of failure, some fail and commit suicide, others cheat. both are wrong. may be the parents, teachers and education board should be doing some genuine soul searching.

  9. well written piece! this is quite the concern. Fear of failure at such a young age is ludicrous, sometimes in life we fail at one thing but we bounce into something that far surpasses where we were before ie failing upwards. too much pressure, expecially in the ivy league systems throughout the world

  10. “Whoa” with all of this new technology comes new problems,may God give you wisdom and strength to cope and do well! 😀 Thanks for “honoring me” I appreciate it.Have a wonderful day Anderrahim 😀

  11. As a student, I believe that there is something fundamentally wrong with our education system. The system is preparing us to become PROFESSORS, not preparing us for LIFE. These days, we go to school to get “high grades” and be “high achievers” with little regard to how much we learn. I believe that cheating comes from the fact that students are forced to believe that their lives depend on the grades they get, and like surviving in life, one would do almost anything to survive in school, including using academic dishonesty.

    I think the concept of school needs to shift from grades to actual EDUCATION and LEARNING, but to do that, we will need to change a whole societal system. These days, parents, teachers and peers pressure students into getting “high grades”. I doubt many ask their children “what did you learn today?” but I bet almost every household parent had said more than a dozen times, “what did you get on that quiz?” It’s going to be a tough change, but possible change.

    As with the subject of “copying” in academic dishonesty, I wrote about the concept of copying on my blog

    Very thought-provoking piece. Thanks for sharing

  12. Very interesting and pertinent

    I, as a student, believe that there is something wrong with the current educational system. It seems like our education these days is training us to be professors, not training us for life. I think that all this cheating is stemming from the fact that school is turning into a place to get high grades and get into the “elite universities”, not a place to truly learn. This is the pitfall of our current educational system. Because it is so grade-centric, and because schools and parents pressure students to get high grades, students will resort to doing anything to get their grades up, and one of these methods includes academic dishonesty.

    On the note of copying, I believe (to some degree) that copying is not always bad. Our world is currently based on concepts of “branding” and “originality” when in fact nothing is original. I wrote about this in my writing blog –> . Students should be allowed to share ideas and concepts and learn from imitating others (trying an author’s plot, characters, or writing style, for example) so that they can learn from a good example.

    I live in the reality of this world, unfortunately, and because of this, I strive to get high grades, but in the legal way. However, i really wish we could live in a world where schools are for leaning, not for stress.

    Once again, a great thought-provoking piece. I hope we do something about our educational system.

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