A rotten Heart.

my love is pure

yours is fake;

our union is at stake.

Cheating is clear in your voice

alas! seperation is the stark choice.

our dream was shattered to pieces ,

the gap between us increases .

your name will fade in memory
our love will become a sad story .

Take off your deceitful guise!
our love expired
and will never rise.

Away from me
oh !arrows of Cupid.

The scar is indelible
and my heart putrid.


7 Responses

  1. Powerful emotions. For once being subtle is not being real. Powerful. šŸ™‚

  2. What a deep deep poem! A lot of strong emotions! I particularly like the first 3 lines…nice work.
    (And thank you for your comment on my poem at my blog: http://thebagel.wordpress.com/)

  3. that’s funny poem,
    loved it, sometimes lovers cheat…

    Have A Sweet Evening!

  4. Abderrahim,
    Such raw pain expressed! Excellent description of heart wrenching emotions. I too love the Cupid line. Keep up the great work and keep on sharing it!

    Also, thanks for teaching… it’s an often undervalued and underappreciated occupation.


  5. beautiful and touching.


  7. Wow! This is soul grabbing. Brilliant poem.

    Especially where you say “Away from me oh !arrows of Cupid” – genious!


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