A glimmer of despair .

My useless life
Tastes so bitter.

Rosy dreams
Shattered to pieces

No glimmer of hope
Perceived or seen

My intimate foe
Gnawed my liver.

Looming , threatening
to strike
Sooner or later.

10 Responses

  1. its painful and scary.

  2. First of all, thanks for commenting on my blog. It led me here, and I’m going to add you to my links.

    Very good poem. I’ve read through your others and I think this one is the most striking. It’s simple, yet packs a punch. The short lines and rhymes work well with the message. Your rhythm is great in this one.

  3. Very nice and good luck

  4. my little brother is fast approaching the time for palliative care, so this moved me deeply thank you

  5. Movingly descriptive. The picture amplifies the words.

  6. Cancer is such a terrible thing I lost a friend just this week from cancer….talking often helps ..we are here for you if and when you want to talk! 🙂

  7. thank U for visiting,
    there are hundreds of poets out there, wishing you best and happy experiences in blogging for fun in poetry!

  8. Cancer is so hard. I just lost my young niece. But through it all there were gifts of love and sharing too.

    I increased the traffic on my blog by commenting on other people’s. Start friendships. It’s very neat.

    Good luck!


  9. it could be better if you visit more blogging friends,
    let me know if you are in my blog,

    cheers, 😉

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