A Funny Poem

Your complexion is utterly sallow
And your body is as tiny as a sparrow.

Wrinkles cross your face like furrows
And your teeth look like harrows.

You see, you ‘re stupid to the marrow
Coz your head is empty and hollow
Crammed with too much tallow.

Your thinking is blatantly shallow
And your analysis is so narrow.

There’s is a brain for you to borrow
If you need to understand and follow.

If not, you will be hanged in the gallows,
cut into pieces and carried in barrows
to be finally buried the day after tomorrow
and no one will feel or express sorrow.


4 Responses

  1. poor guy 😦

  2. neat post.
    welcome to my blog!

  3. it’s vere nice my teatcher

  4. Oh, that I could express myself that way after a break-up. That’s a good one.

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