Hope Springs Eternal

life is only a fleeting moment

Happiness is nearly everyone’s figment.

A mirage as soon as in close contact

vanishes from view and swiftly departs.

sadly Left with feelings tasting bitter

and expectations shattered by jitters.

seldom does a dream come true

yet never quit but start anew.

Happiness is under hot pursuit

shall we one day fathom the truth?

That the almighty has decided our fate

so never protest, reel or agitate

No one but Him shapes our destiny

accept it as the pious and the brainy.

6 Responses

  1. I say this time and time again…No matter how we strive for something, if it is not approved by the most high, our strive is in vain…I wish the world could read this. Great post and nice rhyming…cheers!

  2. the day you realize this golden truth, life becomes peaceful-God knows whats best for us, all we have to do is obey and do our duties.

  3. thanks for the visit to my blog. I hope you’ll enjoy dorian gray. welcome to blogging. all the best, worldwand.

  4. “happiness is everyones figment” is a fantastic line.

    theres an old ccm song that has the lyric: “if god is for us who can be against us” but ive always wondered wot happens if god is against us?

  5. like ur blog! 🙂

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