The Melody of the Dove

My eyes glazed with tears

my heart haunted with fears.

my mood bespeaks gloom

With a sense of impending doom.

Gaza is under fierce fire

Besieged by barbed wire

People in conditions so dire.

Barbarous Wars are everywhere

EverLasting Peace is nowhere

Wise politicians are rare

And the truth is lost somewhere.

The situation is hard to bear

And there’s no time to spare

In fact the world’s silence is really unfair.

The world is in the hands of fools

Using bloodspilling weapons and tools

Perpetrating hideous crimes

For a fistful of miserable dimes.

Enough of killing, we need peace and love

We want to cherish the melody of the dove .

To Gaza and its martyrs


4 Responses

  1. world is controlled by opportunists.

  2. Very beautiful! 🙂

  3. Hi again Wordwand. I love this poem, it evokes the mindlessness of the whole conflict, but especially the last two years. I have been to protests and marches here in Ireland in support of the people of Gaza, so I agree with your sentiment..Much thanks for your words..!

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