I miss your smile

I haven’t seen you for a while

And I miss your dazzling smile

Your intelligence and your special style.

Meanwhile , your picture is my unique pleasure

Even more , it’s my precious treasure.

I see your face fair and beaming

Your glamorous eyes bright and gleaming

Your sensual body is a great sculpture

That leaves in me an ineffeable rapture.

I still recall your soft voice echoing

So warm and incredibly convincing,

Your gait bespeaks sheer elegance

And radiates imposing self-confidence.

I’ll put your picture below my pillow tonight

Hoping to see you soon and become your knight.


4 Responses

  1. Lovely poem sir. Wonderful arrangement of words.

  2. just loved it. its simply cute and warm and so full of promise and love.

  3. wow, passionate poem

  4. wonderfull, nice, and really touching words!


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