Blood-stained Roads

The gory scenes of carnage on Moroccan roads continue to grab the headlines .Accident after accident , casualties has risen crescendo and the average weekly toll amounts to 20 dead and hundreds wounded.Our roads are ranked among the bloodiest across the world and this top position is far from being an outstanding achievement .The tourists who pour into Morocco are forewarned about the dangers they may encounter on our roads.I have once overheard a French tourist saying to his interlocutor « J’ ai appris a’ conduire a’ la Marocaine. »Meaning that he has learnt how to drive in the Moroccan style or way.I laughed at that quip but deep down I felt sorry and bitter.Equally, the Moroccan immigrants who come back to spend their summer holidays in their mother country find it hard to acclimatize with the chaos on the roads of the Kingdom.
There is no room for doubt that the human factor is blameworthy.A significant number of Moroccan drivers don’t abide by the road regulations .They ignore traffic lights as well as road signs .Abracardabra ! The fines which are supposed to punish such people change strangely into bribes .What’s more , the road infrastructure in many regions of the country is not blameless as the Moroccan TV claims .A high proportion of our roads are indecent and
Trigger off deadly accidents.In addition to the aforementioned factors,let’s not overlook the fact that 80% of the vehicules in the country are very old and really derelict .
The government has been launching awarness-raising campaigns but to no avail.Similarly, strict measures are occassionally implemented on the ground .The bloody statistics drop significantly during that period and shortly after , they resume their steady rise.As a matter of fact, severe measures must be carried out in order to stop this haemorrhage .The officials have to ascertain that the fines imposed on wrongdoers are actually paid .Moreover, repeated infringement of the rules must result in the withdrawl of the driving licences.In the same vein , the standards set by driving schools to obtain the licences have to be reconsidered drastically.The system of highways in the country will have doubled by the end of 2010 linking the cities of Rabat and Casablanca to Oujda , Marrakech and Agadir ;and we hope it will be streched to remote regions as well such as Ouarzazate ,Errachidia ,Alahoceima ,Chaouen and Layoune .This will certainly help reduce the number and the gravity of accidents in Morocco.


3 Responses

  1. its horrible. its just like that in india too.

  2. Great Blog, I should say I was around in Casablanca, beautiful city. Keep it up…

  3. hey good work!! keep your blogging spirit high, i have mine too, but it gets erased manytimes, may be i should blog like you,

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