A bitter-sweet life

An individual’s life span is intermittently marked by moments of joy and crises of sorrow,vertexes of utter hope ensued by sheer despondency.People’s feeling and reactions in each particular situation vary according to his/her psychological make-up, frame of mind and preconceived ideas about the matter in question.
Life is brimful of hardships and hurdles too painstaking to surmount .On the other hand, the stepping-stones are few and far between to enable us to go over these obstacles.Consequently, no human soul has ever departed unscathed from this earthly abode.Ineffable and invisible damage inflicted by lifes’ predicaments may bear witness to a person’s strife to survive.
Everyone of us endeavors to lead a happy life and to fulfill his dreams no matter how unrealistic or grotesque they may seem .Alas ! Everyday problems srike and shatters to pieces our reveries.Life resumes its due course, the clock continues ticking by indifferently and people go on indulging in their activities.Don’t expect time or people to commiserate with you in your plights,you have to shoulder the burden alone backed up by patience,mettle and hope.
With the succession of strikes ,many people break down while others capitulate .Some of them commit suicide expressing thus their inability to resist the harshness of the conditions and the dire straits ,indicating impotence to work out a viable solution to a problem or to bring to an end a crisis.Others take fright and flee their responsiblities( job-marriage….) hoping to reconstruct their lives elsewhere.In any case , other people –chiefly kins-suffer horrible aftermaths of decisions taken at moments of despair.
The ups and the downs of life are part and parcel of our destiny.Therefore,we are obliged to put up with the bitter side of life and to cherish our moments of joyfulness. No one knows what God has in store for him/her, so let’s consider pitfalls and problems tests to our patience whereas successes and happy news are rewards for the efforts we deploy to overstep our difficulties.


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  1. if we compare life with an ocean and be prepared to deal it that way life becomes a lot more predictable- just like waves of ocean, waves of life hit us, all we have to do is adapt tactics. and always remember we are blessed with life for once only, if we ruin it or kill ourselves we will be the only losers.

    a lot of us face too much hardships, but a lot of us lie down before small waves.

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