The Rainbow Poem

Seven united colours embrace in harmony

To form a rainbow of matchless beauty

Red evokes a strong passion and desire

Spreading warmth and love like a glowing fire

Yellow displays a fathomless hope and aspiration

Away from despondency and desperation

Green reflects innocence and honesty

Everlasting freshness and rare purity

Blue suggest s genuine trust and loyalty

With a tinge of deep honor and royalty

Orange shows enthusiasm and stimulation

Mingled with great creativity and innovation

Indigo indicates rejuvenation and male energy

as well as incredible renewal and infinity

Purple bespeaks royal elegance and luxury

Along with sophistication and a bit of mystery.



3 Responses

  1. i loved your explanation of rainbow 🙂

  2. Hi Brother missar , really great words and great opem indeed
    and this is an ocasion for congratulate u for the new blog , it’s helpful indeed
    Good Luck , and may ALLAH bless u ^^

  3. This poem is very nice keep on dear bro

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