Silent Playgounds

Children have been unscrupulously subjected to multifaceted and abject kinds of exploitations and manipulations by grown-ups in different parts of the world .kids are victimized because they are easily influenced ,defenceless and unprotected ;most of them are extremely poor deprived of decent shelter,healthy food and proper medication ;some of them are orphans or school leftovers.On the other hand,many greedy and inhumane people brandish this motto « the end justifies the means »; they resort to fair means or foul( including misusing innocent lads and lasses) to achieve effortless gains or some sort of satisfaction to the detriment of others’ well-being.
Child labour is banned by the national laws and the international regulations as well as by the United Nations charter for the protection of human rights and those related to children .However,millions of kids are being exploited in demanding and arduous chores mainly in Africa and Asia.They are forced to work for long hours in exchange for few coins.The situation has not changed much since the nineteenth century when children used to be expolited as miners;now children in India and most of Asia have to toil hard in painstaking tasks .Another more hideous facet is the trade slave related to the buying and selling of children as a sort of cheap labour force.Child sexual abuse is a another aspect of the topic in hand.Pedophilia has mushroomed in many countries which have become sex resorts par excellence.Sex traders manipulate small kids in this lucrative business and market pornographic material in the internet network.These children who are sexually molested get basic needs such as food and shelter in return for their lost innocence and dignity.In some African and South American countries,children are being invested as soldiers ;they are obliged to hold weapons and to wage civil wars which their immature minds find too harsh to assimilate or to comprehend.As a matter of fact,this sort of indoctrination is very hard to believe in the new millenuim.
In Morocco, the state of affairs is less severe but far from being immaculate.A widespread aspect of child abuse in this country is the expolitative engagement of little girls as maids and in some cases subjecting them to severe mental and corporal punishment.Equally, many families urge their children to quit school and to take up handicrafts such as tailoring,pottery ,carpentry inter alia.In the countryside,some parents refuse to send their offsprings to school with a view to making them work on the farm and in the fields.Homeless children in our big cities is a fact of life that we have to face courageously;these kids are prone to be victims of sexual abuses ,initiated to become beggars and pickpockets,drugdealers…..
It is crystal clear that this problematic is complex,multifaceted and very difficult to be solved overnight.International networks are engaged in this odious exploitaition of children throughout the world.The abolition of these ignoble practices requires worldwide commitment and collaboration.Local regulations and laws have to be enforced to the letter ,”zero tolerance”has to be the watchword in this sort of campaigns.Anyone misusing,exploiting or manipulating children must be punished harshly.The proper place for our kids is the school;that is the reason why compulsory schooling has to be encouraged ,chiefly in the countryside.NGO’s have a crucial role to play in this respect by sensitizing parents to the importance of schools as safe havens against the ills of society.


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  1. chidlren should be most cherished beings on earth but its our shame that they are most exploited ones since time immortal.

    i think only parents cant stop it- if they dont have the capacity/desire of bringing up a child beautifully they should not have one.

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