Farwell To Books ?

Reading is an essential mental activity ;it is to the human mind what food is to the stomach or physical exercise is to the body.Whether we read to glean useful information or as a sort of pastime,reading is the surest and the shortest way to enrich our knowledge of the world as well as to broaden our visions and open up new vistas never investigated thus far.In the same vein, reading sows in the furrows of the mind seeds that fertilize the imagination to make it rich and impregnated and well-disposed to yield fruitful intellectual offsprings.

We live in a highly influential information age which has been characterized by the invention and the innovation of sophisticated technological devices,methods and machinery such as the mobile phone,the internet network and satellite television just to name a few.The breakthroughs in the field of communication have been tremendous,and the pace at which means of communication are developing is vertiginous.Amidst this powerful avalanche of technological advances,reading printed materials is losing ground to other sources of news, information and entertainment.Television and the internet web sites have monopolized the delivery of all the hot stuff.
Most people consider reading printed materials an uphill activity requiring patience,effort and time.As a result, they tend to have resort to less painstaking ,friendly-user means to get what they need ;you have just to rummage a single CD, and you find any piece of information on any topic along with video materials .It has become needless to check a pile of encyclopedia volumes ,or scrutinizing the bookshelves for a suitable reference book.In addition to this,websites provide handy and downloadable data related to all the areas you can think of ranging from news , online-shopping,chatting to pornography and e-books.As for the picture tube-I mean television-everybody is aware that since its advent it has been the implacable foe of reading in general due to the fact that it features catchy and sensational material to passive viewers who swallow effortlessly and unquestionably all that is displayed to the extent that the press refer to them as “couch potato”.
Luckily enough, many people-though a minority- still believe staunchingly in the eternal flame of books and they nurture the idea that their wells of knowledge will never dry up.They defend with pluck the unrivalled position of the book as the major provider of genuine intellectuality.The other means are just secondary pillars in the huge edifice that is knowledge.To restitute the deserved credit of the book, the reading skill should be given a boost at home and at school.Both parents and educationalists should assume their responsibility on this regard in the sense that they have to nurture the culture of reading in children’s minds. Remember that the early seeds are often the most fruitful.Moreover, books have to be available and at reasonable and affordable prices.Thus,the grim and threatening prospect that the book will be thrust in the limbo of oblivion .

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